Robust, Reliable and Cost Effective Water Storage

Large Scale Water Storage

The Maxi-range is aimed at large scale water storage projects, with typical application in industrial water storage such as fire tanks and mass rural water supply schemes. The tanks are transported in pre-rolled segments, thus allowing for compact transport and easy off-loading. They are erected on concrete ring beam foundations and require reasonably simple earthworks before erection. Erection is done with a strake lifting system that requires no craneage. This all adds up to a very economical total cost per cubic metre water storage. Structa has well trained teams available to install the Maxi range.


1000kL to 1,500kL

Typical Applications

• Rural & Communal Water Supply
• Fire Tanks
• Agricultural Water Storage
• Process Water Storage

Material Specification

• Steel sheet:  Galvanised steel Z275
• Liner: Poly-vinyl chloride


• The erection process follows an easy top first segment assembly with subsequent strakes fitted underneath jacked-up completed segmets.
• Ground preparation requires simple levelling and stabilization and a concreteless ring beam foundation is required.  An option for a concreteless steel ringbeam is also available.



Highly economical cost to volume ratio

Easily transportable

Erection is uncomplicated and quick

Minimal groundworks with simplified foundations

Concreteless ring beam options

Ease of maintenance with repairable/ replaceable liner


Design and Testing

Design and Testing

The tank has been developed following the rigorous methods used in industrial tank design. Bolted joints have been subjected to laboratory testing and the shell structure analysed using state of the art finite element analysis.

Design conforms to SANS 10160, 10162, 121 and API650 (5.2.1) where applicable.

Specialized Development

Expert tank design

laboratory tested

Finite Element analysed structure


CONFORMS TO SANS 10160, 10162 & API 650 (5.2.1)


Kilo Litre Capacity Range


The MAXI RANGE offers the user large capacity tanks ranging from 1000kL to 1,500kL.

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