Robust, Reliable and Cost Effective Water Storage

Robust, Reliable and Cost Effective Water Storage

Structa Technology, renowned manufacturer of the PRESTANK brand of sectional pressed steel tanks, has developed a cost effective, galvanized steel segmented tank with liner for rural and industrial application.

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The MAXI RANGE offers the user large capacity tanks ranging from 100kL to 1,500kL.

Typical Applications

• Rural & Communal Water Supply
• Fire Tanks
• Agricultural Water Storage
• Process Water Storage

Material Specification

• Steel sheet: Galvanised steel Z275
• Liner: Poly-vinyl chloride


• The erection process follows an easy top first segment assembly with subsequent strakes fitted underneath jacked-up completed segments.
• Ground preparation requires simple levelling and stabilization and a concreteless ring beam foundation is required.  An option for a concreteless steel ringbeam is also available.


This range offers the user easily transportable, quick erecting tanks in the range 1,000 litres up to 20,000 litres.

Typical Application

• Household
• Schools
• Farms
• Rural Villages
• Industrial
• Clinics
• Agricultural

Material Specification

• Steel sheet: Galvanised steel Z275
• Liner: Poly-vinyl chloride


• Easy on site erection with crew to 2 to 4, even on elevated stands.
• Ground prepration requires simple levelling and stabilization.

The People Behind Circotank

The Circotank range was developed by a multi-disciplinary
team of engineers which included specialists in manufacture,
structural engineering and foundation design.
The team relied on their vast experience gained in the
fields of water tank and industrial vessel design and manufacture.

The Leaders in Water Storage

Circotank is manufactured in the well equipped Meyerton plant of Structa Technology.

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